User experience with interactive objects proves to be one of the most exciting features of any event. Naos.Band takes up the challenge of surprising visitors in a museum, creating attraction in a shopping mall, or enriching the ambiance of an exhibition or conference. We never miss an opportunity to work on the interactive part of an event. Interactive installations can feature a single event or a full-time permanent installation with an updatable program. In addition, we provide interactive installations for specific locations, events, or holidays designed to create a unique and distinctive space.
Interactive rooms and games. It is a unique way to involve participants in the game using well-designed content. This industry is developing rapidly, allowing the implementation of the most challenging ideas.
Interactive Map Projection
An interactive touchscreen shows the map, (a regular touchscreen with projector), when you put something(cube) on the screen you see effects or opening infographic showing on the map.
Interactive Wall (Museum Education)
It is necessary to develop a decorative wall. Interactive will be implemented with radar. We will implementing the projection on the wall We will be implementing concept of the wall, graphic part and programming part of project. You will need to print our concept on the fabric, then we will set up a projection and an interactive on the location according to the placement of interactive elements
Interactive Panoramic Showroom
We offer to implement a Panoramic Showroom which includes an interactive table through which interaction with content on the panoramic screen will be carried out. In this way, we can show some content, not standard.
Augmented Reality Town
Visualization of life with the help of additional reality technology is a completely new innovative tool. We can demonstrate the story clearly. Show how Saudi people lived in the past, show basic architectural object on location. An example of such a technology is shown on the reference.
Interactive Wall (Touch Screen)
The main idea demonstrates historical locations on a map. By clicking on an interactive point, the guest can get detailed historical information about it.
A virtual reality show allows a person to immerse in another world and makes feel emotions that cannot be conveyed by a simple presentation. Such a project would cause a wow-reaction for a viewer and would attract a lot of additional attention to a brand.