Hey, we are Naos.

We are a complex multimedia studio that visualizes senses.

Let´s know each other better.

You are our ideal
COPYWRITER or even SMM manager?
Our main focus goes on 3D mapping, content for concerts, and scene design.

Just at last month we closed a event content design project for launching a largest solar plant in Qatar.

Today we are working on large-scale projects in the middle east and challenging the creative industry with high-level content production.

We have more than 300 projects and want to show them to the world via LinkedIn, our Website, and Instagram.

Our ideal candidate has
  • Excellent written English with slang, idioms style
  • Knowledge of SMM basis
  • Desire to work in PR
SMM Manager and Copywriter
You will offer the best strategy via our Social Media channels and prepare an SMM plan based on our portfolio and ask the design department to provide you with visual materials. Meanwhile, all text and execution of posting will be on you.
Not interested in SMM? That's a pity, but we are ready to fight for you if you are a perfect author.

In the first month, we will prepare the description of our projects which will be

- 30 short posts for social media (LinkedIn and Insta with light adaptation for each channel)
5 longreads about main projects (up to 700 words each)

Sounds good to you?
Text me.
Executive producer
Telegram: https://t.me/StefaSolovyova
Email: stefania@naosband.com